Watch Gang Reviews

Watch Gang has received five-star reviews on several websites and continues to be one of the most​​ highly-reviewed box subscription clubs out there​.

We’re proud to be the World’s #1 Watch Club and were honored to receive the​​ ‘Best Men’s Box’ Award​ at the 2018 CUBE Awards from the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) in 2018!Check out what people are saying about Watch Gang:

Watch Gang Reviews
4.7/5 based on 6397 reviews
Matt Everton profile image
Dec 21, 2023
Matt Everton
after initially thinking i paid double value for a watch and leaving a review, i had to look back on what i'd received on the spin wheel. i realized that i found myself wearing this watch more than any other. turns out my initial google research was wrong, and i did get a watch for 85% of msrp. i'm sorry for my prior poor review.
Cole Gardener profile image
Dec 21, 2023
Cole Gardener
literally just got a rolex from them! insane, can’t believe how awesome you guys are, made my year for sure !!
Jared Fournier profile image
Dec 01, 2023
Jared Fournier
love my watches
Eli Bressler profile image
Aug 06, 2023
Eli Bressler
i've got three watches from watch gang. 2 from subscription plans and 1 from a promotional wheel spin. i think watches are close to advertised value. of the 3 watches, 1 ( from platinum subscription) was about equal to retail value. the other the other 2 could have been purchased online for a lower price. just recieved a watch i spent $150 on that retails online for $100. it is fun, selecting watches to spin from on the wheel is a blast. what i would warn people about is the odds listed in the terms and conditions. simply put the odds of getting a tier 2 (tier 1 is the lowest) is 5%, it goes down from there. so based on the plan you get, expect 19 of every 20 opportunities to be tier 1. all day every day.
Jon  profile image
Jun 19, 2023
i recently spun the mystery wheel and had an issue (completely my fault). watch gang customer service responded to my issue quickly and fixed the issue with no problem. i have many watches, high end omega and hublot to zodiac and g-shock. i will only purchase my watches from watch gang in the future.
JON Gergeceff profile image
May 07, 2023
JON Gergeceff
i’ve been very happy with my purchases and feel it’s very good! i collect also . it’s fun . if you only buy one it’s worth it . occasionally a watch will arrive and the battery is dead . i had a couple in a year and they will reimburse 20 bucks for the battery replacement. market values here .
Aiden McManus profile image
Jun 02, 2022
Aiden McManus
i am new to watches and wanted to get into collecting them and just adding them to my outfits, i looked at a few sites and browsed amazon and found watchgang. i got my first watch and i'm very impressed, the quality is good and the value is hard to believe. overall the watch fits my style and i'm super excited for next month's watch. also, with father's day coming up it may also make a great gift for my dad so we'll see. **review update** i got my second watch and it is the dominator del mare patriota. i am really happy with it and i think my dad is going to love it and it defiantly fits his style. the quality is great and it is a really nice watch honestly on par if not better than the last watch. i would definitely recommend watchgang to anyone looking for a great gift at a great price.
Sonic Hauling profile image
Apr 27, 2021
Sonic Hauling
watch gang is amazing for such a great membership price you get a much better value watch than an average store . watch gang actually fits your budget for which ever collection you desire . the customer service always at your finger tips they will do anything to make sure your needs are met and every situation taken care in a manner leaving you smiling. i'm very happy i have decided to join watch gang not only every month is a surprise but i get to build a decent watch collection with out breaking the bank . plus every there's a winner for a high end watch you can dream of getting just for signing up . trust me for a budget every month is so worth the value 3-5 times your monthly membership .
William White profile image
Mar 05, 2021
William White
Robert Fischer profile image
Jan 03, 2021
Robert Fischer
watch gang is awesome! i've only had the subscription for one month, but i already know that it will be a long time before i end my subscription. the quality of the watches they deliver is phenomenal. their customer service is awesome. the deals and giveaways they offer are amazing and my favorite part is that you're never tied down. if you don't want a watch they send, you can just sell it, and generally, you can make a small profit off of it. i love watch gang. i'll be upgrading my subscription soon also.