Watch Gang Reviews

Watch Gang has received five-star reviews on several websites and continues to be one of the most​​ highly-reviewed box subscription clubs out there​.

We’re proud to be the World’s #1 Watch Club and were honored to receive the​​ ‘Best Men’s Box’ Award​ at the 2018 CUBE Awards from the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) in 2018!Check out what people are saying about Watch Gang:

Watch Gang Reviews
4.7/5 based on 5922 reviews
Timmy Goryk profile image
Jan 14, 2022
Timmy Goryk
is the only way to be include in the giveaways is to be a member. how about the participants in the wheel spins. 😜🍻
Marshal Borah profile image
Jan 02, 2022
Marshal Borah
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Syabonga Sithole Mtshali profile image
Dec 28, 2021
Syabonga Sithole Mtshali
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Njabulo Njivah profile image
Dec 28, 2021
Njabulo Njivah
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Sin Vegas profile image
Dec 07, 2021
Sin Vegas
love the idea and the wheel spins are neat. however, i think i may have signed up at the wrong time. lol. it appears throughout the black friday 50 off deal, so were the values of the watches and selections. noticed right after the black friday sale ended that the selection and value of the watches changed. not to say i didnt get a good score. just thinking if i had waited until after the sale, i may have scored even better by paying full price on a wheel spin. i spun twice on the black friday and am also a black tier member. it is exciting and addicting. i see many more future wheel spins. wish me luck everyone!!! cant wait to have the feeling of an amazing score.
James Brown profile image
Dec 05, 2021
James Brown
not a member but i was feeling lucky so on a whim i purchased a spin from the birthday wheel. wound up landing on a level 4 random tag! got a quartz formula 1. pretty sweet. decided to press my luck again. wheel #3 stopped at a level 1 but i picked a duxot swiss auto walnut brown. delivery time was prompt. my issue is that the brand new duxot is not keeping time. i manually wound it as per instructions but the minute hand seems stuck. it will not function properly. i contacted watch gang and as of right now i'm waiting for a response. i will definitely keep anyone who is interested in the loop. until then i just want to say watch gang customer service has never been a problem to deal with. i was very skeptical at first but now i have no beef or issues... i can honestly say that the wheel isn't rigged. but i would love to hit a grail once. just once...
Regan Chio profile image
Nov 24, 2021
Regan Chio
i am a black quarterly member because i was skeptical. however, i have discovered some beautiful and amazing watches for the price. i have given away some nice watches. so far, everyone has liked the watches. the cheapest priced watches was $230 and the most expensive was almost $500. so, i really recommend this.
Obiune Lucky profile image
Nov 04, 2021
Obiune Lucky
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Sep 30, 2021
Cynthia Weinstein
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John Smith jr profile image
Sep 28, 2021
John Smith jr
i have been a member for almost 6 months now and i've had absolutely no trouble with this company i love the watches they show up every time they say they're going to i was a little skeptical at first but have to say i absolutely love every pic i'm a black tear member and wouldn't use any other watch club